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Why Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance?

Essential Health Benefits fall into 10 categories and by law every individual and small group health plan must offer them.  All Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield plans are designed to not only meet but exceed these requirements. Every member gets additional resources to help manage your health and find the best doctors and medical practitioners that can help you get the most out of life.

Below are the 10 essential categories that are a necessary part of healthcare today:


Preventive and Wellness



Prescription Drugs

Maternity and Newborn Care

Mental Health, Substance Abuse

Rehabilitative Services and Devices

Laboratory Services

Pediatric Services

Individuals & Families

At Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, we believe in having plans that work for everyone whether receiving benefits from employers or paying for a plan completely on their own.  That’s why Wellmark individual plans are rated so highly in the industry. Get in touch to get your own personal insurance plan.

Reliable Network

Having a high quality network health practitioners is vital to your health. Our plans include top-ranked healthcare providers.

Budget Friendly

Everyone’s budget it different, but everyone needs the best quality healthcare. That’s why Wellmark offers high quality healthcare that fits everyone’s budget and needs.


If you are 65 or older you qualify for Medicare Part A & B Health Coverage. Why do you need Wellmark? Medicare part A and B cover hospital and other medical care, but not everything. You may still be responsible for co-pays and prescription drugs.  Wellmark makes sure you are completely covered with Medicare supplemental insurance to cover what the original Medicare coverage doesn’t.

Medicare Parts A & B

Hospital and Medical coverage. Part B may require a separate setup.

Medicare Part C & D

Help cover what Original Medicare doesn’t cover including co-pays and prescriptions.


Providing health insurance benefits to your employees is very important, but can be very difficult if not partnered with an insurance provider that has experience, knows the laws, and keeps up with the ever-changing healthcare system. At Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, we have over 75 years of experience and have an ‘A’ financial security rating from AMBest.

Reliability and Trust

With over 500,000 claims processed every week, we know how to take care of your employees and are dedicated to keeping plans affordable.

Digital Tools

Our members have a digital suite of tools help them find doctors, schedule appointments, get advice and more 24/7.