Group Health & Dental Insurance

Many South Dakota businesses choose to offer health and dental insurance as a benefit to employees and their families. Most importantly, businesses offer this type of coverage as a form of employee retention. We all know that employee turnover is not good and it is very expensive to train new employees. How important is your time to your business being successful? Did you know there are tax benefits to offering group insurance? Group plans offer a wider variety of plans and options than individual coverage to choose from.

One of the biggest mistakes when offering group insurance is not having a knowledgeable agent. An agent must have the know-how to help you manage your group health insurance so you can maximize your profits as well as have coverage that meets your companies insurance needs. If you want to provide your employees with group health insurance, how can you find out what types of plans are available and which ones are appropriate for your needs?

Business owners in Rapid City and throughout the Black Hills can turn to Herrmann Insurance Agencies for advice and guidance. We have helped employers create benefit packages for employees for nearly 40 years. We can walk you through the choices and help you make wise decisions about coverage options.

Working Through the Complexities

When choosing group health insurance plans to offer employees, there is much that needs to be considered. What are the tax implications of each plan for the company? What is the employer contribution? What about COBRA? Can I afford the premiums?

As an employer, you select the group plan and then invite employees to enroll. Our Rapid City insurance agents can help you choose a plan that fits your company’s needs. Most plans require employers to pay at least 25 percent of each employee’s premium, keep a certain participation percentage, and perhaps a portion of their dependents’ premiums. The employee pays the remainder. At least two employees are required to form a group plan.

If your company wants to attract and retain strong employees, offering group health & dental insurance is a great way to go. We can help you compare plans and get competitive quotes from leading insurance companies in our great state.

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If you have any questions about group health & dental insurance services or would like a quote, please contact our Rapid City office. We look forward to helping you.