Frequently Asked Questions about Insurance

The questions below attempt to answer general questions regarding insurance coverage. Questions regarding your specific policy should be directed toward your agent. If you don’t have an agent or policy, please reach out to us and we will get in touch with you regarding your needs.

How does insurance work?

Insurance is a financial agreement between a policyholder and the insurance company in the event that the policyholder suffers a loss related to their policy.

What are the major types of insurance?

Most common insurance types are Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Auto Insurance and Home Insurance. Within those categories are many sub-categories such as Dental Insurance, Medical Supplement Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Liability Insurance and more.

How does auto insurance coverage work?

Auto insurance can protect financial loss to the vehicle owner in case of and accident. Depending on the policy, vehicle damage such as hail damage could be covered for repair or total loss, personal injury could be covered, and theft could be covered. How much coverage depends on the exactly policy details and your insurance agent can run through the many options with you.

Does car insurance cover hail damage?

How much coverage and what is covered by your auto policy will depend on the specifics of the policy. Hail damage is usually covered as long as you have comprehensive coverage on your policy. Comprehensive coverage is what covers your vehicle in case of damage from something other than a collision.

How long does an accident stay on your insurance?

Although it can vary from company to company, generally an at-fault accident will stay on your insurance for three to five years a may impact your rates depending on the specifics of your policy.

What is the best car insurance to buy?

The best car insurance will depend on your specific needs. Someone with many accidents or DUIs on their record may have needs that are completely different than a new driver or a veteran driver with no accidents. The best option is to speak with an experienced agent to outline your needs and determine the best option for you.

Which health insurance policy is the best?

Like all insurance, the best insurance will depend on your needs. An experienced agent should be able to look at your health history and needs to find a plan that matches your budget. Prioritizing any special health concerns while de-prioritizing health concerns that are less likely to be an issue for you will help an agent find a policy that works for your specific needs.

What is the average cost per month for health insurance?

In 2020, the national average premium was about $450 per month for an individual. The family coverage average was around 1,050 per month. The actual cost varies greatly based on many factors including your health history, activity risk, location and more. Your agent can look at your individual needs and determine a policy that will fit your budget.

What is the difference between Term-Life and Whole Life Insurance?

Term Life insurance specifies a specific term of coverage. A 20 year policy, for example, would pay out to your beneficiaries if you were to pass away within that time period. Whole Life insurance cover you for your entire life, however, it is more expensive than term life. There are other options such as Universal life which offers the benefits of Whole Life while being more flexible on costs. Check with your agent about your specific needs.

Does Home Insurance cover hail damage?

In most states, insurance companies have hail damage included as part of their standard home insurance policies. However, some areas are more prone to hail damage and may have special coverage requirements or policies. Some policies may also have specific types of hail damage that are covered. If hail damage is a big concern, you should check with your agent to make sure the amount of coverage you are looking for is included.